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Featured 21 Jul CodeIgniter vs Laravel

CodeIgniter vs Laravel

CodeIgniter and Laravel are a very popular and simple PHP framework with a large community and training. In this article, we plan to learn one of these two popular platforms.

In this article, we intend to provide a comprehensive and varied range of these two formats to make it easier for you to know the proper framework.

Learn more about CodeIgniter and Laravel
CodeIgniter is a robust and powerful PHP designed for programmers who are looking for a simple, structured suite of applications to develop and design web applications. CodeIgniter has been the preferred choice for many years.

One of the design goals of this framework is to simplify learning for novice programmers and to make development projects faster than other frameworks. It also provides a rich collection of libraries alongside user interface and logic (for access to libraries).

Compare the three Laravel and Symfony and Yii frames

Laravel also has a PHP framework that is available to users for the first time in 2011. Since then, this framework has gained a lot of popularity and was used in a large number of web applications. Laravel is designed with the latest version of PHP and many components such as support for authentication and unit testing.

Both frameworks have unique features and are flexible for web application programmers. When choosing one of the frameworks for website development, consider the key differences between these frames.

Comprehensive Introduction to Frameworks

Positive features and Wi-Fi details
Trusted by a large community

CodeIgniter has been the preferred developer for many years to come. A large community of CodeIgniter platforms is used to develop web applications from small to large levels.

CodeIgniter is a trustworthy user-friendly file system. Thanks to the large community of this framework, getting online help and support is easy.

Documentation (Documentation)

In this case, CodeIgniter is among other frameworks. CodeIgniter coding is very clear and customizable. As a developer, it's hard to understand. The structure of this documentation is simple to learn, and the custom features (custom) have also been added.

Simple, Bright, Fast

CodeIgniter is a framework that is very fast to use. People who are familiar with PHP can launch CodeIgniter framework coding and begin to develop their own software.

Even if you have little or no architecture with MVC, this framework will be easy for you.

This framework at the base requires only the library (library) number. Additional libraries can be loaded as needed, but the system base is very simple.

CodIgniter is known for its speed. Website CodeIgniter can be:

We challenge you to find a framework that is more efficient than CodeIgniter.

High security, tested by millions of users

CodeIgniter has been tested by millions of users for many years. With a large number of people using this system, this system should be safe. In the area of ​​security, the CodeIgniter framework has been very successful.

Embedded internal features and components

CodeIgniter has a number of internal standard standards. Here's a list of some of the most commonly used features:

Templating Engine: The CodeIgniter Framework is a simple parser template that is easy to use. To work with CodeIgniter, you do not need to install a separate engine template.
Output Caching: The CodeIgniter framework also provides storage in bread memory. Web pages are stored so download time is reduced. This feature increases productivity and performance.
Query Builder database support: The CodeIgniter framework has a built-in query class built-in internal structure. This class allows data in the database to be retrieved, copied, updated and updated with the minimum script code. For its simple interface, to run a query database operation, we sometimes only need to write 3-2 lines of code.
Database Case: CodeIgniter stores database queries in text, which reduces database load.
Test Unit Class: The CodeIgniter framework for testing the unit provides an application for unit testing management, and also provides a class of Test Unit that is quite simple and comes with a functional evaluation and two result results.
Data encryption: CodeIgniter provides two ways to encrypt data and supports the Mcrypt PHP extension that is required to run the Encrypt class.
Positive features and Laravel's disadvantages

Laravel is still a new framework, but has gained significant success in the Sourceries market shortly. Also, Laravel has been winning for the unique capabilities of the Sitepoint Survey award for the best PHP 2015 framework.

Supports the latest version of PHP

Laravel is built for the latest PHP version. Laravel is often updated and operative